Welcome to Clapton Football Club

This part of our web site provides information on the real Clapton Football Club and not the current entity, which is also known as Clapton Members Club, that is currently passing off as Clapton FC and being 'run' by Mr Vincent McBean.

We consider our club to be the real Clapton FC.

You will find information as to how McBean came to control, not only the club, but also the Charitable Trust that holds the lease on the Old Spotted Dog Ground and thereafter mismanage both bodies with scant regard for the rules of the Club or the Charity Commission

Whilst it is often said in various articles, and on many websites, that Mr McBean is the owner of the club and the ground, this is misinformation from which Mr McBean has profited for a number of years.

We know, through documentation from the High Court of Justice, that Mr McBean tried to sell the Lease of the ground on behalf of a Charitable Trust whilst the Charity was actually struck off, both as a Charity and as a Company at Companies House.

There is plenty more.

Unlike Mr McBean's 'club' which is his proprietary business, the real Clapton FC is a club, with a committee and a paid up membership.  We are committed, not only to continue to support the team, but also to raise awareness of the intolerable situation at Clapton which is being largely ignored and tacitly supported by the football authorities through their inaction.

We intend to eventually bring the issue as to 'who is the real Clapton FC?' to the correct conclusion.  We are aware that we will probably have to go to Court to do this, and we are also aware, through other documents and correspondence with bailiffs, that Mr McBean is extremely adept at avoiding responsibility and justice.  Nonetheless, we now have sufficient information corroborated by documentation to reasonably assume that we will win the club back so as it can be run and administered by the members for the members.

Join us and help us to re-establish Clapton FC as a community club run and administered by elected members and not remain the personal business(es) run by Mr McBean which are currently masquerading as Clapton FC, one of the most famous names in amateur football.




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