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You can't buy a real club, its history, or tradition


In 2014 the three remaining life members of Clapton FC mandated the supporters group, the Friends of Clapton FC, to hold a meeting to propose the re-formation of Clapton Football Club, the club that was formed in 1877 as Downs FC by Mr W.R. Davies.

It had become apparent to the life members and the membership of the Friends that the entity that was calling itself Clapton FC was no longer the members club.

This entity, which had laid claim to the history and tradition of the real club and was continuing to pass itself off as Clapton FC is Clapton Members Club, and is run by Mr Vincent McBean, the former Chairman of the defunct Woodford Town FC and who describes himself as the Clapton's Chief Executive.   Mr McBean was known at Clapton as his Woodford Town club had been evicted from their Snakes Lane Ground and were ground sharing at the Old Spotted Dog.

Using a Public Limited Company, Knights Securities plc, of which he was the founder, he replaced himself as a director with family and business colleagues, and then, as the company's agent, agreed a purported sale of the club to the company for 63,000.

Notwithstanding that the 'sale' of the members club was unconstitutional and unlawful, Knights Securities plc even failed to pay any of the money due on the 'contract' before they sold the club to Mr McBean six months later for just 3,000.

Mr McBean has since described these transactions in correspondence "some friends of mine bought the club and then I took it over."  Unsurprisingly, Knights Securities plc were struck off by Companies House on 13th February 2001 having failed to file accounts.

The business presently being run by Mr McBean is no longer a member's club and therefore cannot be Clapton Football Club.  It might be a proprietary entity known as Clapton Members Club, but who knows?  Any attempt to join Mr McBean's club has been rebuffed since at least 2013 with the response that the club is undergoing re-structuring.  He has, however, declared a membership of 9 (nine) to the Football Association most of whom are the same friends and family from Knights Securities plc and other business and 'charitable' ventures in which he was involved.

The real Clapton Football Club, has elected officers and a committee.  It has accumulated sufficient information and evidence with which it can confidently show dealings by which Mr McBean's is passing off as Clapton FC, despite his protestations and self praise.  This information has been passed to the football authorities and they have responded that they will take no action until we get a Court order.

Today, with no thanks to Mr McBean, Clapton is the best supported team in the Essex Senior League, their last home game of the 2014/15 season attracting over 500 supporters and a local derby in October 2015 against Ilford recording a crowd of 761.  Three years ago, matches were attracting 15 spectators.  It is no mystery why Mr McBean will not open his club to members because, as with any democratically run members club, officers come up for re-election and, unsurprisingly, he is unwilling to risk his position at the club even though he speaks very highly of his achievements.  In his words, "Those of you who know me rest assured my honour integrity and passion to pursue what I believe is right has not, and will not ever change"

This honour and integrity extends to attempting to buy the freehold of the ground whilst serving as a Trustee, opening a clone company whilst the charity was struck off (through his maladministration) and, most recently, placing the charity in liquidation so as to avoid an inquiry into his conducts as a trustee by the Charity Commission.

Ironically, by his firm resolution not to change, Mr McBean words makes a compelling case for you to join Clapton FC.  Please get behind our campaign to return this great old club to being run by the membership for the membership.






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