Vince McBean is the Chief Executive of Clapton FC.  he acquired the club through a series of dubious and fradulent transactions

pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium

pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium

The real Official Clapton FC website. This is not Vincent McBean's 'club' but the members club formed in 1877 as Downs FC. Join us and help remove Vince McBean from Clapton Football Club which he has turned into his personal business enterprise.CLAPTON
FOOTBALL CLUB pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium
You can't buy a real club, its history, or tradition

An Explanation

It is generally agreed that by those with an interest in Clapton FC, that the situation regarding the club and the Old Spotted Dog is becoming ever more worrying and serious. 

Some commentators have expressed their concern but unfortunately have been slightly off the mark as to the exact situation in which we find ourselves.  Therefore, here is an explanation of what is, a complicated situation (probably by design).

The freehold of the Old Spotted Dog ground is owned by a Scottish property company.  In 1995, after years of negotiation, a 99 year lease was signed by the previous freeholders and delegation of members of Clapton FC who formed the Clapton Trust Limited which became a registered charity.

This company / charity is now known as Newham Community Leisure Limited (NCL) who, as we know applied for Members Voluntary Liquidation on 1st March 2017.

NCL also own the tyre warehouse next the ground which was bought in the 90s, before the arrival of Vincent McBean, with the aid of a Sports Foundation grant.

It is essential to remember that NCL and Clapton FC, in whatever form that might be, are two entirely separate entities.

Clapton FC, do not have any formal tenancy to occupy the football ground.  Their use of the ground is by licence and is restricted.

The upkeep, repairs, cleaning and maintenance of the ground are the responsibility of NCL.  Likewise all proceeds from the use of the ground, the warehouse or any other facility related to the ground belongs to NCL and not Clapton FC.

Therefore, NCL, as the entity holding the lease, must be the party on any ground share agreement or other letting and not Clapton FC.

Following a complaint to the Charity Commission that no charitable activity was taking place at the ground, an inquiry was opened in December 2013 and the Charity Commission took control of their bank account.  Any other financial transactions that might have taken place, including any purported loans, fly in the face of the control exercised by the Charity Commission.

All gate money from Clapton matches should go into the club’s bank account.  It does not go to NCL.

Clapton should pay rent to NCL for use of the ground.

London Bari should pay rent to NCL for use of the ground

Whoever or whatever is running the licensed bar should pay rent to NCL

It is a rule of NCL that no director/trustee of NCL is permitted to receive any remuneration by paid by money or monies worth from their activities.  That includes Vincent McBean.

It is important that there is a distinction between what is ‘Club McBean’ and NCL.  This is one of the very important issues of the Charity Commission inquiry.

McBean filed the insolvency matter the day before he was due to be interviewed by the Charity Commission.  A first appointment was cancelled due to the apparent ‘unavailability of trustees’.

The remit of the interview was to be:

1.    Copies of all invoices, receipts or cash books or any other books used relating to the income generated and end use of charitable funds. This should include all payments received from Clapton FC and London Bari FC to Newham Community Leisure Limited for rent or maintenance work carried out;

2.    Copy of cash handling policies;

3.    Evidence of current and intended charitable activities by the Charity;

4.    All documentation / evidence relating to the decision making process of contracts/subleases between Clapton FC and the Charity with specific regard to how conflicts of interests have been managed or controlled, particularly in relation to Mr Vincent McBean (Trustee and Director of the Charity and Director of Clapton FC.


NCL have no audited accounts since 2003. NCL has a history of late filing of company documents.

Whether this liquidation will frustrate the CC inquiry remains to be seen.

Veercourt CIC is a company registered by Vincent McBean in January 2017.  He is the sole director.  The company has almost identical objects to NCL. A significant difference between Veercourt and NCL is that, unlike NCL, with Veercourt, McBean can profit.

The two directors of NCL who support the liquidation and signed the documents with McBean are Ransford Taylor of 141 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, E7 and Trevor Gordon of 59 Eric Road, Chadwell Heath, Essex.  McBean gave his usual accommodation address at 52 Effingham Road, London SE12.




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