Vince McBean is the Chief Executive of Clapton FC.  he acquired the club through a series of dubious and fradulent transactions

pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium

pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium

The real Official Clapton FC website. This is not Vincent McBean's 'club' but the members club formed in 1877 as Downs FC. Join us and help remove Vince McBean from Clapton Football Club which he has turned into his personal business enterprise.CLAPTON
FOOTBALL CLUB pitchero clapton football club vincent mcbean the only official website for the Tons Founded 1878 The Old Spotted Dog Stadium
You can't buy a real club, its history, or tradition


Injunction In Place, Liquidation Halted.
What Happens now?

The following is an update on the current position in the litigation over the attempt by Vince McBean (VMB) and others to liquidate Newham Community Leisure Limited. (NCL)

Craig Smith, a Solicitor at Rainer Hughes, initially wrote to the liquidator setting out our concerns and objections and asking that the liquidator give a professional undertaking to halt the process to allow us time to file a petition, opposing the liquidation.  The Liquidator refused.

The only option open to us, in order to protect the assets of the charity (the Old Spotted Dog Ground), was to apply for an interim injunction.  We obtained that injunction 10th April 2017 and served it upon the Liquidator.  The Liquidator had the option to take the matter back to court in order to oppose it.  He didn’t.

We were obliged to file the petition on or before 19th April, and this has been done.

The injunction was to expire on the 26th April but the liquidator has now consented to provide a continuing professional undertaking to the court on similar terms to the interim injunction until the end of the case. 

The Order in respect of the continuance has now been drafted and awaiting sealing by the court.  In addition to the liquidator, the following have been added as respondents in the case.

Vincent McBean
Rashford Taylor
Trevor Gordon
Newham Community Leisure Ltd.

The liquidator has filed a statement in which he appears to attempt to deflect any liability by saying that he acted on the information given to him by Vincent McBean.

He also produced a batch of documents, provided to him by his client.  These documents are, at best, dubious.

New 'members' have been disclosed by the Liquidator.  Apparently, they are :
Jennifer Oli, 345 Upton Lane, London, E7
 Earl Butler, 14 Edwin Avenue, London E6
Gordon Quinland, 67 Curzon Avenue, Ponders End, EN3 4UA
Ruth Morrison, 63 Battery Road, London, SE28
Joe Mee, 212 Upton Lane, London E7
Orville ‘Butch’ Beckford, 57 Holbourne Road, London SE3
Cyrus Richard, 26 Donphelan Close, Kimpton Rd, London, SE5
Wilfred Thomas, 2b Forest Street, Forest Gate, London E7
Kelvin Abraham, 57 Warwick Road, London E15

Trevor Everol Gordon, 59 Eric Road, Chadwell Heath, RM6
Elaine Roberts, 51 Mountacre Close, Sydenham Hill, London SE26
Sydney Marshall, 77 Firs Close, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1AX
Shirley Doyle, 78a St Andrews Road, Bridport, DT6 3BL
Esmond Syfox, 29 York Road, London E7
Ransford Taylor, 5 Quartz House, 1 Flint Close, London E15
and 141 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London E7

John Jackson, to whom the Ultras were introduced during the boycott negotiations, was said to have been elected as a director/trustee at an EGM in January but, for some reason, was not included in the list provided by the Liquidator.

What may be of concern to these 'supposed' members is that it may be the case that they have allowed McBean to act unlawfully and therefore any limited liability from the company is now unlikely to protect them whereby may will be jointly and severally liable for the costs of the litigation.

We are reminded of fate of the trustees at Knights Millennium Foyer Limited who were disqualified by the Charity Commission and left to carry the can as a result of McBean's conduct at the Charity.  McBean, escaped sanction by resigning before the axe fell.

We would ask any of the above 'members' who require to more information on this important point, to contact our solicitors, whose contact details are below.

Why take this action and The next steps.

Had we not intervened to stop the liquidation, it would have progressed whereby it was proposed to sell assets to pay supposed debts to McBean (supposedly incurred under his chairmanship) and the remainder (the ground, lease etc) distributed amongst the members. (McBean and Co)  Thereafter, the leaseholders would not have been subject to overseeing by the Charity Commission.

If that were to happen, any legal case brought against McBean in respect of his bogus purchase of the club would have been more difficult as, were he in legal control of the ground, it would be foolish to think he would allow a club, taken from him through the courts, to play at HIS ground.

However, as the Liquidator has now consented to our injunction, the Old Spotted Dog Ground is not yet lost.

Our petition was lodged on 19th April 2017.  We are now waiting for the court to fix a return day when a Judge will decide on how the issue will proceed.

We are currently sifting through the Liquidators papers and, given the documents that we have to hand already, we are confident that we can present the court with a good deal of evidence that shows mismanagement of the company and misconduct of it's Trustees/Directors/Members along with other events which may be considered to be fraudulent.

We will continue to keep you advised as to the issues. 

Our solicitors are :
Rainer Hughes (Solicitors),
Oak House, 46 Crossways, Shenfield, Essex. CM15 8QY
Please mark any correspondence for the attention of Mr Sanjay Panasar.

 ---- 0000 ----

The Clapton FC Supporters Action Fund - please help

We are deliberately excluding any direct reference to evidence or witness statements at this stage but anyone who has followed the events of the 'McBean era' will be unsurprised at some of the content.  Those currently uninitiated might like to look here.

Watch this space!

Tenure at the Old Spotted Dog Ground. The actual situation.

Another CCJ for 'businessman' Vincent McBean

Nominate the Old Spotted Dog Ground as an Asset of Community Value - The Latest news.

Extract from the Charity Commission report on Knights Millennium Foyer Limited (KMF) and Knights Institute of Sport (KIS).  Mr McBean is the Chief Executive referred to in the report.





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